Interim Professionals

Interim Financial Professionals who get the job done. Our interim financial professionals don't just fill seats—they solve problems.


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Passionate Professionals

Passionate Professionals

Supporting Your Success

Supporting Your Success

Letting critical finance and accounting tasks drop when someone is out isn't an option. 

Don't get stuck lacking
continuity while your staff is on leave for medical, a recent birth, or any other reason. 

Finding the right fit for an open leadership position can't be rushed.  Turnover in a key leadership role is expensive and can have impacts that significant amounts of time.

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Interim Professionals

Temporary finance and accounting talent should be talented.

We believe that every placement of talent, no matter the duration, should help move your company forward—not just tread water until a full time replacement is found. Whether you’re looking to fill in for staff on leave or cover a gap between permanent hires, ROARK’s interim financial professionals get the job done.

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Interim Professional

Take the pressure off the rest of the remaining team. 
ROARK can help.

That's why we offer a full suite of finance & accounting solutions including interim professionals.  At ROARK, we're a boutique finance and accounting consulting firm with CPAs and MBAs ready to assist business leaders.  We've helped businesses from startups to the Fortune 500.  You deserve a partner who can take the pressure off and help you grow your business.

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At ROARK we know that you want to be a respected business leader that makes great money and enjoys life. 

In order to do that, you need a business that maximizes profits while maintaining compliance. 

The problem is you have a lack of timely insightful financial information and struggle meeting the requirements of 3rd parties like investors, banks and the IRS which can be stressful, frustrating and even scary at times.   We believe you shouldn’t have to worry all the time about accounting and finance. We understand you need someone who can take the pressure off and help you grow your business which is why we offer customized finance and accounting solutions provided by experienced CPAs and MBAs to assist your business whether you’re leading a startup or a CFO at a Fortune 500. 

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Finance & Accounting Professionals!

Download the comprehensive guide on total compensation for finance and accounting professionals in Southern California.  In this guide, you'll get important information including: 

  • 2023 Salary Guide on 20+ positions
  • Bonus Compensation
  • Paid Time Off
  • Benefits & Perks
  • Equity Incentives
  • And much more....

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