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ROARK's M&A transaction services make sure your merger or acquisition goes smoothly—and that everyone wins.


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Passionate Professionals

Passionate Professionals

Supporting Your Success

Supporting Your Success

Don't let the biggest transaction your business will ever make fall apart. 


The merger and acquisition process is delicate, and if not done correctly, it can sink a deal.

Process delays, inaccurate projections or obstacles in due diligence can delay the transaction, cause deal fatigue, or lower valuations. 


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falling apart on the biggest business transaction

Celebrate a smooth merger or acquisition!  


Ensure that all financial statements are in order, provide more accurate projections, and remove obstacles that delay the transaction and cause deal fatigue.

Use proactive financial strategies are designed to improve valuation and boost investor confidence.


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ROARK Team Celebrating smooth merger and acquisitions

ROARK can help you close your next merger or acquisition. 

Our consultants take the stress off of you by delivering guidance through the process and providing mission-critical information that makes the transaction a success and you the hero.  Our team of consultants have MBAs and CPAs with M&A experience ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, you need a specialist.


There’s a lot of groundwork that must be done prior to a successful merger or acquisition on the sell side—groundwork that eats up your precious time. ROARK M&A experts provide comprehensive support services that help prepare your businesses’ financials prior to a deal, including CPA-audited financial statements, quality of earnings audits (QOE), identifying add-backs, preparing projections, and due diligence checklists.  Our team is part of your team, working side by side with you to ensure success.

The process of  buying a business requires similar groundwork as selling one, with slight nuances and additions.  ROARK experts will help you complete a CPA audit, prepare projections, obtain financing, and manage the ERP system integration.


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ROARK helps Mergers and Acquisitions

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