Controller Salaries in Southern California: How much will Controllers make in 2022?​​​​

October 17, 2023 ROARK

In this video, we discussed the different Controller salaries by performance level in Southern California.

There are 4 performance levels mentioned in this video for Controller salaries:

  • Limited Performer
  • Strong Performer
  • Star Performer
  • Elite

Southern California is divided into 4 regions with different salary ranges for Controllers. We have:

  • Inland Empire
  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

When determining an appropriate Controller salary, there are some key considerations you need to look at. These are:

  • Company Ownership​
  • Company Size ​
  • Location ​
  • Industry ​
  • Required Skills or Experiences ​
  • Education and Certifications ​
  • Years of Experience​
  • Inflation


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