Outsourced Finance & Accounting

At ROARK, we offer Finance & Accounting as a Service (FAaaS) to allow businesses to outsource all of their Finance & Accounting departments or augment their existing teams. 


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Passionate Professionals

Passionate Professionals

Supporting Your Success

Supporting Your Success

Do you lack finance & accounting resources while trying to grow?


Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Lack of in-house Finance & Accounting talent and expertise
  • Cost prohibitive to hire in the current stage of business.
  • Crippled by turnover in finance & accounting.
  • Exhausted due to effort spent in finance/accounting.
  • Slow to move due to lack of information and insights.
  • Lack of useful information to make decisions.


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challenge for finance and accounting


You need an outsourced finance and accounting solution.

  • Gain access to both finance/accounting expertise 
  • Achieve cost savings compared to hiring internally 
  • Avoid turnover issues when hiring your own team 
  • Achieve time savings as you are able to offload. 
  • Gain flexibility within your business. 
  • Ability to scale team up and down as needed.
  • Access to better finance and accounting tools and processes.
  • Incorporate business intelligence into your organization.


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You need an outsourced finance and accounting solution

ROARK can help you take the pressure off.

 At ROARK, we're a boutique finance and accounting consulting firm with CPAs and MBAs ready to assist business leaders.  We've helped businesses from startups to the Fortune 500.  You deserve a partner who can take the pressure off and help you grow your business.
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Introducing Finance & Accounting as a Service.

Finance and Accounting as a Service (FAaaS) is a perfect fit for growing businesses that aren’t large enough to hire all the necessary expertise in-house.
Not only do we provide critical outsourced accounting services but also can provide you with comprehensive services including financial planning and analysis(FP&A), strategic advisory, and controller leadership activities when you need them.
That's why we offer three different service offerings of Finance & Accounting as a Service so you can get the right amount of information based on your stage of growth and needs. 
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