Don’t Worry, Work Happy!

November 5, 2021 ROARK

In our previous blog, Improving Your Health, we outlined the toll that work can take on a person’s health and how we at ROARK consider our staff and our strategic accounting services to be a support system for healthy work habits and environments.

The same can be said for the second part of our company purpose: To Improve The Health, Happiness and Financial Success of Everyone We Touch.

There are a lot of pieces to the happy employee puzzle.

In 2019, a TTI Success Insights article stated that, “the ability to find meaning in their work lives is a vital ingredient to their overall happiness.” A sense of purpose in what you do every day is the key to being happy with what you do every day.

Yes, yes. Money makes everybody happy, right? Financial success and otherwise is always going to put a smile on the face of those who benefit from it, but that day to day internal happiness can be hard to come by at time…especially in these times.

In our research, we have found that motivation and value are two of the most important influencers of an employee’s happiness in the workplace. Are your efforts being put to good use to benefit company growth?

Are you equipped with critical training and encouragement?

Do you have a voice?

Not everything is going to be perfect all the time. Some days are better than others. Some things work and then there are those days when you just want to cash in all your vacation time and tell everyone you will see them in a week.

The relationships we build with our customers are not just to improve the bottom line. We partner with the companies and professionals we work with to help forge healthy work environments that can enrich purpose, thus enhancing happiness.

What drives you at work?

How have you found your purpose in what you do for a living?

Please share your success stories so that we can pass along to those still searching for their purpose at work.

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