Hot Jobs in Finance & Accounting that Companies Need in 2022

April 5, 2022 ROARK

As year-end gets completed and audits get done, companies are going to begin hiring again for the 2022 needs. Let’s talk about the hot jobs in finance and accounting that companies need in 2022.

What do we consider hot jobs in this list from ROARK?

Well, it's critical roles that are internal to the company. Roles that you're going to hire in the company. It's not going to be public accounting jobs or other jobs that you might see on other lists. These are roles that companies are looking for right now to hire in their internal department for 2022.

So let's go ahead and take a look at our hot jobs.

Hot Job #1: Controller

Our first position and there's no surprise here is the Controller.

How Controllers help companies

They're very essential to an organization. They make sure that the invoices are sent out on a timely basis. Cash is collected. They make sure that the bills are paid and they make sure the employees are paid. They're also responsible for maintaining the general ledger and getting information to both internal and external parties appropriately and on a timely basis.

Why Controller is a hot job

The question is, why are they so hot? It's because of the high need, every company needs this role. They're kind of like putting gas in a car. Without them, you're not going anywhere. And kind of just like gas, the prices for controllers have been increasing as well.

What great Controllers make in salary

High-performing A-players or superstars as we like to call them here at ROARK in Southern California are earning anywhere between base pay of $160,000 to $200,000 or more per year.

Hot Job #2: Senior Accountant

While controllers are managing the process, our next important position in 2022 is the Senior Accountant.

How Senior Accountants help companies

These are the people who are doing, who are making things work with the general ledger and the financial reports. They're making sure that the processes in the system are functioning properly.

They're doing the account reconciliations and the closes to submit to the controller who's reviewing those to submit to both internal and external parties.

Why Senior Accountant is a hot job

The question is why are they so hot? Well, we don't see as many entrants coming into the accounting profession as we have in the past. The senior accountant position is a great position that gets promoted to the accounting managers and controllers.

What great Senior Accountants make in salary

So what we're seeing is the lack of supply coming in and promotions going out, especially as more and more people at the higher level are retiring. That's causing demand to pull up at different levels. As far as pay our Star Performers in Southern California, are earning anywhere from a $100,000 to $125,000 in base pay each year.

Hot Job #3: Senior Cost Accountant.

Our next position is a very specialized position for manufacturing. And that is the Senior Cost Accountant.

How Senior Cost Accountants help companies

Now, how do they help companies? They're the ones that are driving the costs, everything that goes into the recipe or the bill of materials. They're the ones that are looking at labor and absorption and being really able to understand the margins on products and what they are selling.

That also drives pricing and competitiveness in different markets.

Why Senior Cost Accountant is a hot job

Why are they so hot? Right now, inflation has been running rampant, so everybody's really trying to get ahold of their costs and what's [00:03:00] going on to be able to adjust prices in the market, to be able to look at efficiencies and see areas where they can become more competitive in their market spaces.

What great Senior Cost Accountants make in salary

As far as pay Star Performers in Southern California are earning anywhere from $120,000 to $140,000 in base pay, we've seen this increase substantially. And the reason why is just because of the lack of expertise that we have out there since we offshored a lot of things in the US. This has become a dying art, and we're seeing more resurgence in manufacturing where the demand is even higher.

Hot Job #4: Senior Financial Analyst

Continuing our senior trend is the Senior Financial Analyst.

How Senior Financial Analysts help companies

Senior financial analysts are the ones that are looking at today and analyzing the information today and what's going on. And projecting what's going on in the future. With so many things uncertain today that's become more important than ever.

Why Senior Financial Analyst is a hot job

Well, typically whenever you bring aboard a CFO, or you need this analysis in a highly inflationary economy, you're trying to look at the whole picture of the company. What's happened in the past? What have you done? And how do you make it better? And then what's going to happen in the future?

And this is what's going to happen in the future is even more important today when things aren't as steady and certain.

What great Senior Financial Analysts make in salary

Well, Star Performers in Southern California, the A-players, are earning between $120,000 and $140,000 a year.

Hot Job #5: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

How Chief Financial Officers help companies

They are so important to drive a company's strategy, to be able to take the numbers and to be able to show the whole of the team of what's going on and what could be, and make sure to lead the accounting and finance functions.

They typically lead other functional areas like IT or HR as well.

Why CFO is a hot job

And why are they so hot? Because they're so critical to driving the strategy and they are the right-hand person to the president, the CEO. And it's really important that you make sure you get this hire right.

Because they typically have specialized skill sets like fundraising, buying and selling companies, growth, public company CFOs, as well as restructuring going through troubled financial times.

What great CFOs make in salary

Pay is really all over the board for CFOs. And there are a lot of factors that go into it. When we look at base pay for good mid-market CFOs, you're looking somewhere between $250,000 and $400,000 a year.

Larger companies are paying a lot more, but when we look at compensation, it's really total compensation. It's the bonuses and equity incentives. It's the whole package of perks and benefits that go into the CFO package to be able to attain the best and the brightest in that profession.

ROARK - Total Compensation Guide

Conclusion: Hot Jobs in Finance and Accounting in 2022

So that wraps up our hot jobs in finance and accounting for 2022. Companies need great financial leadership as well as great financial information, to be able to drive towards success and make better decisions than ever. These are the hot jobs that are critical

We hope this is helpful for you and looking at the hot jobs in 2022, and being able to grow your business for 22 and beyond.


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