Working from Home

April 10, 2020 ROARK

For some, the dream has come true…WORKING FROM HOME!

Unfortunately, the current circumstances that have led to this career ladder rung have spoiled some level of the intended benefits.

The guest room, once earmarked for a peaceful work environment, has been transformed into a community wifi hotspot, filled with the background noise of barking dogs and Netflix.

That peaceful, all-to-myself commute to work sounds fairly soothing right about now.

We’ve put together a shortlist of suggestions to help keep your workday at home peaceful and productive.

  1. SUIT UP & SHOW UP – Some have suggested maintaining your normal morning routine. Eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, etc. Numerous publications suggest getting dressed first thing in the morning lifts your self-esteem and generates energy. There may be some truth to that. Whatever your choice of fashion may be, physically preparing for the day ahead can positively influence your mental preparation for the day ahead. Think of it this way: How many times have you thought you’d be more productive if allowed to wear something more casual to the office? Time to prove it.
  2. SET UP SHOP – What does that makeshift workstation look like? Do you have everything you need to perform your tasks, or do you have to borrow the stapler from your high schooler? Do you have a view of something uplifting or your neighbor’s garage? What are the things that make your workspace at the office unique to your productivity and peace…and how can you implement those things into where you’ve temporarily set up shop?
  3. GONE FISHIN? – Setting and maintaining work hours at home is critical to getting the job done. How often do you sneak away to run an errand or pause to write that witty Facebook post while you’re in the office? Probably not very often. This new environment can be distracting. Being where we are in these times, it is common…and largely acceptable, that those working from home have to step away at times to address day-to-day issues that don’t normally disrupt the usual work environment. Be mindful to set legitimate boundaries between work time and home time.
  4. HELP WANTED – It’s the great hope that the fruit born from these times will be things like patience, generosity…even empathy. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Companies and support groups are evolving at every turn, creating and implementing new ways to stay productive and prosperous. They are invested in your success because it directly relates to their success. Share your ideas. This environment seems to change every day, so staying collaborative with your team on solutions and pivots will benefit the entire group.
  5. BE SOCIAL – No…not that! Take the time to personally call your co-workers. When is the last time you shared something about your family to somebody else other than a family member? It’s easy to take for granted the time we spend connecting in person with others. Yes, we can text, or post, or direct message, but the power of the actual voice can do wonders for your spirit…and oftentimes, does more for the person on the other side of the line.

We have spent a lot of time with our network of clients, customers and partners compiling feedback and educational tools to address this current work/life balance environment we live in. Fire up the Keurig and reach out to us at ROARK to assist you in implementing a better way to work from home.

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