The Busy Boss

September 15, 2020 ROARK

Have you ever met a person who owns and operates a business that has a lot of free time on their hands? I suppose there is a percentage that spends plenty of time traversing the globe without having to budget, but there was a point when that was not the case.


From Sales to Operations. From Accounting to Finance. From Internal HR to External Recruiting.

A Harvard Business Study broke down a CEO’s workday and only 3% of is was spent on professional development. Heck, Steve Jobs once admitted that he could not bring himself to relinquish control over certain aspects of his business. Nobody cares more about the business than the person who owns it.

The CEO of our company has invested some of his training to be what he calls “a better CEO” and a lot of that has been focused on delegation and letting go of some of the day-to-day functions of his company. Now, he has read this and, because I know him to be very transparent and honest, he will agree that that has been a very difficult proposition. But as a company grows, it literally needs to grow.

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As the day-to-day responsibilities for a CEO grow, they can unfortunately become a bottleneck in the hiring process. When it comes to adding company-critical Accounting and Finance professionals, CEO’s often do not have the time to thoroughly endure the hiring process, and in some cases, don’t have the patience.


By reaching out to ROARK, an experienced accounting and finance recruitment agency, the process is streamlined, more efficient. No more stacks upon stacks of unsubstantiated resumes. Go from sifting through paper, to meeting industry and skill-specific professionals. Meet professionals that have faced similar challenges and have developed critical solutions.

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Contact us to find out how we can turn the time you don’t have into an investment that will create more time for better opportunities.

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